Havoc's Manifesto

Greetings everyone. This has been long overdue, and it is high time in my view to have this shared where everyone can see what my vision for this unit is. The guiding principles behind who we are, our identity, and goal as a Mercenary Corporation, and as members of the greater gaming community as a whole, in MechWarrior Online, as well as any other games we branch out into in the future.

That said; here are the tenets of the Death's Hand Brigade. The touchstones of DHB that I have used to guide us this far with the help of everyone who is a part of the unit as a whole, and with these guiding principles in place we can continue to carry forward into a very bright and fun future together.

Our Tenets


We are here to have fun. We're playing a game together as friends and while I know different people have different views on what is or isn't fun, one thing we must all keep in mind is that being hyper competitive is not conducive to fun. We will always strive to be competitive, to use good tactics and to have our game faces on when we're training or dropping as a coordinated group, but never to the point of being hyper competitive. Regardless if we are goofing off or doing 'game face' drops, we need to have fun together and provide fun for our opponents as well, no matter if we win or lose.

I never want competition to take the place of fun or kill the fun for us.

I've watched the argument of casual vs. competitive kill many social gaming groups in other games and I will NOT let it creep in to DHB if I can help it. By keeping our focus on having fun first, and being able to exercise good tactics, being consistent and proficient in how we pilot and operate in a drop, we will by extension naturally be one of the most skilled and respected units in MWO or any other game we participate in.

Win, lose or draw, always have fun and work to make sure that fun is extended to everyone in the Brigade and every opponent as well.


The tenet of being respectful and tactful in our dealings with one another primarily and any outside force as well. Be it another force of mercenaries, an organized house unit, a handful of individual pilots, or even a single lone wolf pilot. We must strive to always be a force of positive influence in the MWO and greater gaming community and to let our actions and words show others that we are a group of people who work to bring positive contributions to the game and community as a whole.

We will accomplish this by being easy going, and placing emphasis on being respectful, treating others as we want to be treated, and willing to turn the other cheek when people try to bring us down or belittle us because of our success and continued growth.

The standing order to not stoop to the level of name calling or petty bickering will ever and always remain in place for DHB. People WILL try and get a rise out of us. We will not let them. Poking fun at one another or another unit or individual is alright so long as it's not carried too far. That said, speaking ill of any other member of the community, be it another member of DHB or Joe Lone Wolf number 4 in a public forum will not be tolerated. If you've got a gripe, share it privately and put it behind you.

Life's too short to hold a grudge or fret over drama, and it is my goal to have DHB be a place for fun, and not drama. With everyone's help in this we will continue to be drama free and a source of positivity within MWO.


DHB is a family. I want each and every member, applicant, or recruit to know this truth: If I ever meet you in person, I will shake your hand and offer to buy you a beer over lunch or dinner while we hang out. I consider EVERY member within DHB my friend and I will fight tooth and nail for you, defend you and go to bat for you so long as you maintain the two tenets I have outlined above.

I may not know everyone here as well as I'd like yet, but ask anyone who has been in the unit for any great length of time and they will tell you what kind of person I am and that if there's something I can do to help any one of you, I will try my damnest to make that help available.

It is my goal to know each and every Brigadier, to count them my friend and come hell or high water I will make that goal a reality no matter how many members come in to the Brigade. This will always be a place of fun, camaraderie, friendship and a family atmosphere so long as I am at the helm of the ship, rest assured.

Brigadiers are family. You mess with one of us, you mess with all of us, and if someone earns our ire we won't belittle them, nor will we head hunt them. We'll just quietly ignore them and let our silence speak the volumes that it will, while our guns do the talking for us when we meet our foe dirtside.


From more a perspective of what guides me: I fight for, and strive to make sure I am the kind of person that any one of you can be proud to call their commander. I want everyone here to be able to know that I'm here for you, your friend, confidant, comrade, and leader. I may have to fuss at some on occasion. Please know that I do this to ensure a high level of quality is maintained and to ensure that the unit's sterling reputation that we have all built thus far together is maintained and preserved. We are the largest and MOST respected unit in MechWarrior Online and the only reason we are is because of each and every one of you. If needed I will also play mediator when a disagreement occurs. Will I be able to be everyone's friend at all times and in all things? No, sadly. With that said, I am going to try my utmost to be friendly at every opportunity regardless of the situation. No matter what, I will always be fair, equitable, and make any decision based on what is best for the Brigade, and all the individual Brigadiers within it.

Thank you all for being a part of the Brigade. Please keep these tenets in the fore of your mind while representing DHB in your words and actions.

I look forwards to dropping with each and every one of you and in the interim.

<S> Keep your engines hot. I'll see you all dirtside soon.

-Colonel Andrew "Havoc" Davis
Death's Hand Brigade Mercenaries

Strength through Unity
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