DHB HQ Privacy Policy Implementation - May 22, 2018

As a user with an account at www.deathshandbrigade.net, we are sending you this notification to inform you that the Death's Hand Brigade HQ website has instated a new Privacy Policy that is effective immediately.  You may view the Privacy Policy at any time via the following URL or by selecting About DHB > Privacy Policy on the website:
This policy is put into place not only to satisfy new GDPR laws coming into effect, but to be transparent to current and future users with what information is collected from users and the intended use by the DHB HQ website.  The policy contains important information that we hope you take the time to review.
All current users have been automatically added to this new Website Notification newsletter.  This newsletter list will be used exclusively for the purposes of vital communication of website information such as this policy implementation, however users are still free to opt-out from future messages through the DHB HQ website newsletter options or by .  Please note that by opting out from this specific newsletter or all DHB HQ newsletters, you will be required to visit the DHB HQ website to review policy updates and/or other vital website information.
Thank you for your time and attention,
The DHB HQ Website Staff
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